Our Executives

Meet our Executive: President: Mariska Thomas Past President: Joan Marquis Vice President: Vivian Young Secretary: Janice Jones Treasurer: Theresa James Education Coordinator:  Marcia Dixon Membership Coordinator:      Josie Alao

Recent Events

STEEL PAN FOR YOUTH July 5th to August 17th, 2017 Steel Pan for Youth Flyer 2017 Scholarship Award Recipients Venassa Baptiste, Rebekah Anderson Shevien Rule, Tiera Sandiford and Kiara Picart               (Mariska Thomas, President in the center) by SNAP   Keynote Speaker, Honorable Mitzie Hunter           […]


  Kay Livingstone, a founding member of CANEWA inspired the other “Women of Vision” to plan and implement   programs and events to enrich the black community. A primary focus was the awarding scholarships with the objectives of encouraging Black students to complete their education, and to equip Black people with the tools necessary to take […]